Versus - Avio

Versus – Floorstanding globe

Versus is a floor globe in a contemporary design.

Its smooth and geometric lines combined with an extremely solid but at the same time sophisticated structure, make Versus a great design solution filling the space with exceptional elegance.

This variation of Versus is made of a circular steel bottom base, a solid walnut structure and an Avio globe.

The Zoffoli production stands out due to a great experience in craftsmanship working in this field since the ‘50s, to high-quality materials and to a constant search of new shapes and materials.

All globes of the Geographica Collection boast an updated cartography.


  • 1198
  • 1483.3636
  • 1041.9605
  • 1434.7248
  • 8922.4644
  • 12432.6044
  • 159190.24
  • 1869.5988
  • 97586.684
  • 1903.8616
  • 26915.2264